Features of a Good Gaming Laptop

Although most gamers prefer the power of a desktop gaming computer, many would still want to own a good gaming laptop for the portability that it offers. Unlike desktop computers, you can bring a laptop anywhere you want and that means enjoying your favorite games anytime. If you are currently on the hunt for a good gaming laptop, here are some features that you must look for.
GPU :- The graphic cards will define if your laptop will be able to play fast images seamlessly, without losing any detail. You certainly do not want the characters in your game to look blurry or stop moving while you are in the middle of the game. It is hard to say what type of GPU is the best since new ones are introduced by tech giants every now and then. However, some that are popular and reliable are the NVIDIA and AMD.medion-9cbc68be20e36787
CPU :-Right now, the Intel Core i7 is considered the best; but if you are on a budget, the i3 or i5 will do. Note that in gaming, GPU is still more important than the CPU.
Storage :-RAM and SSD contribute to the performance and speed of your games. An 8GB RAM is often sufficient. For the drive, again if you are on a budget, an HDD would do, but SSDs or solid state drives make it possible for your games to load faster. (more…)

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When You Thinking about Buy Ice Cube Machine : Factors to Consider

An ice maker machine is a great appliance to have in every home. It can be very useful for those parties that you often have in your home or for those trips to the beach that you regularly do with your family. With a machine that can make ice in just a few minutes and at the same time keep them frozen for hours, you will definitely enjoy cold drinks even if you are away from your refrigerator or even if your house is brimming with guests.

When shopping for an ice maker, you will be surprised that there are so many brands and models available in the market, thus making the buying process quite confusing and time-consuming. To make it easier for you, here are some factors that you need to decide on first so that you will know exactly what kind of ice maker machine you need to purchase.


  • scotsman-ac46-ice-dispenserShape of Ice :- The moulds installed inside the ice maker come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the design, they can produce cubes, dices, tubes, or even crushed ices. If you use the ice for your drinks, the ones that produce ice cubes will be ideal, although you can always get an ice maker that can produce several types of ice shapes.
  • Amount of Ice :- Different sizes of ice makers produce different amounts of ice. For home use, one that can make about 25 pounds of ice a day will be sufficient; but if you intend to use the ice maker for the dinner or barbecue parties that you host, it will be smart to buy one that can produce at least 35 pounds each day. This will ensure that your guests will not run out of ice to use.
  • With or Without Filter :- An ice maker with a water filter ensures that the ice will be made of clean water. If you are using the machine solely at home, where you have a clean water supply, then it is not necessary for you to buy an ice maker with this feature. However, if you intend to bring the machine in your vacation cottage and you are not sure how clean the water there is, then a water filter may be a necessity.


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